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Project64 - Some weird ROM Checksum?


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I've been trying to modify some code in the ROM. I have had no trouble swapping out textures or replacing them with our own (see RWP), but now when I add code the ROM will not load. Says "ROM is in permanent loop", then exits. There is no permanent loop, the ASM I modded it to is right (and it is only a few words changed), it works perfectly in nemu. I cannot figure out why in the world it is not loading the ROM; all the texture swaps worked fine, and all the normal GE ROMs.

Is there some weird checksum or something in the ASM area or something in PJ64???


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I've wondered the same thing. Works fine in Nemu, doesn't in PJ64.. not TOO big an issue, but as far as GS editing and general support, PJ64 is far better.


I've had the same thing happen while editing Animal Forest, n64 roms have two crc's in their header which checks for various changes and then doesnt continue if the crc's dont match those that are calculate, I guess nemu isnt quite as picky about it as Project64, you can fix the crc's with a program called 'RN64CRC' you can find it at dextrose and it should let you fix it up nice and easily :) you'll probably need to run it each time u modify the code though.


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Yes! Yes! That did the job! Now you'll all get to see what we have been working on when it is finished...