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project64 pole :)

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this s a pole that you think of project 64 reply me with the answers and ill give the results in 7 days

1. What do you think of project64?

2.do you have problems with project64?

3.do you use codes on project64 (you all do lol :))

4.is project64 rank #1 emulator?

5.what is project64 rated (i.e. 2 star)

6.do you play any other emulators? (if yes your a noob)

7.which rom do you like better?
a) legend of zelda - ocarina of time
b) super mario 64
c) legend of zelda - majora's mask
d) sin and punishment
e) concer
f) banjo-kazooie

The results will come soon!
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Pole? Ok. Rom? More like game. Where exactly is Sin and Punishment, Concer, Banjo-Kazooie on that list? Or is this one of those "just pick one, dammit" lists?


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well it's... ok ill ad those P.S. it wont let me add a picture for my avatar lil help! says cant move/copy file
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I lol'd.

First of all, at the bottom of the New Thread page, at the bottom, it clearly already has a poll function.

2. Pole? lol. "Poll"

3. We don't all use codes. Most of us barely do.

4. Project64 is best in terms of Windows friendliness and best support with plugins. 1964 is best in terms of speed and performance (not counting old HLE emulators). Mupen64 is best in terms of Linux support and open source goodness. Sixtyforce is best in terms of Mac support.

5. You can't expect us to give this a rating.

6. We are not a "noob" for using different emulators for different jobs. For example, there is Mupen64k, which has Kaillera netplay added to the source code.

7. It's "Conker's Bad Fur Day", not "concer". Also, that is a very small list of games compared to the large selection on the n64.
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Looks like my witty sarcasm fell through the cracks in musffins' head. You can't win all the time.


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i've just created a new word, its lolcasm, its a combination of lol at the expense of someone else, while maintaining the level of dry sarcasm required.
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