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Project Justice in NAOMI causes problems


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I have a arcade cab setup, with multiple controls. Whenever I start Project Justice in DEmul for NAOMI, not Dreamcast, I get a PORT B VMU icon, and game plays as normal, except that when I get hit or otherwise, my player 1 XBOX 360 controller vibrates. I cant figure out why. I use my X360 controllers for Dreamcast, but not NAOMI. Also, why is this the only NAOMI game that opens a VMU? Thanks for any help you can provide.


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P.J. is far not the only N game, which may use Dreamcast accessories

settings in Maple device manager for Ports B-D is in effect for NAOMI as well, games may use them if they want.

few games require specific devices to be configured there, for example Typing of the Dead and similar games require Dreamcast Keyboard at port B to be playable (and optional Port C).
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