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Project 64 1.6 crash


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Hi, When i launch my emulator project 64 1.6, the emulator works
But when i try to play with a rom, like OOT japan version My emulator close ! instantly ! i'll try to uninstall and re instal the rom AND the emulator but it doesn't work and i don't know why, 2 week before i could play and the rom work but now they didn't
I'll bought an adaptator For GC gamepad
And now it doesn't work but when the adaptor is not plugged it doesn't work too please can you help me
Sorry for my bad english if you can't understand me i'm not a good english speaker :)


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Hey, just wondering if the same problems persist in Project 64 2.1
Also your problem with the input not working correctly try using Nrage input plugin 2.1c (I think that's the latest)
I should have the latest version on my site, emulationking.com


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Hmm and when i have download the rnrage imput . . . what i have to do ? whith the plugin ?

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Hoo it's work, i can play ! but now i have an other problems i have all my controll but when i use the joystick for moove link walk and don't run, it's mayve the deadzone bug or what ?