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Problems with textures and Rice's pluggin in both 1.6 and 1.7


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Okay, so I did some checking around on both Google and this site and didn't find anything that would appear to help me, so I'm sorry if I overlooked it :/ (Truely, I am) I hate wasting peoples time for no reason. Also, I don't post on forums often, so I'm sorry if I make other mistakes or come off as awkward, because I totally am lol

Now that that's out of the way, I have been working on my own texture pack for Banjo-Kazooie off and on for the last seven or so months. I have never had any real problems getting my textures to load or anything after I initially figured everything out in the first place. However, last night I began having problems on both Project 64 1.6 and 1.7. And, they both have different problems. Great.
1.6 Shows the rom loading, and then the textures loading like usual, as if everything is fine. However, after everything has finished loading, this happens:

As you can see, it's completely unplayable. By this little square, I can see that the rom is playing and that everything SEEMS to be working correctly behind the "blackness". When I switch to Jabo's pluggin, the rom plays fine, but I cannot load my textures. So, that solution is utterly useless to me in this situation...

When I use 1.7 it works much better, even though I've had far better success with 1.6 in the past. The rom and textures both load and I can play. It's when I do a couple of things that I run into a problem. So far, I've found that this occurs when I go to the pause screen, or go anywhere near Congo's (Conga's?) tree in Mumbo's Mountain:

I searched this a bit on Google, but didn't find anything :/ Although, I tend to have problems finding things on Google... Idk why lol
Also, I've noticed that there were just a few textures that 1.7 wouldn't load, but that could just be a copying issue...
Soo... Yeah any ideas?
Also, I am using a different/better computer than before. I wouldn't say that that IS the problem, considering that it was working fine until I left for two months and the laptop was barely touched, but I suppose that it should be noted. This laptop is only about four months old and is more than capable of running multiple emulators at once while doing other things, so I really don't think I should worry about that, either.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I am sooo close to finishing these textures that I can taste it. All I have left is some of the lettering and some miscellaneous minor details that I missed throughout the game... But, I would say that I'm at least 95% done. Sorry, it's just a bit frustrating...
Thanks for help, and for reading my semi rant lol :)


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firstly, we can't help you with 1.7 here.

secondly, use glide64 instead of rice, rice is a pos for texture loading, particularly if the pack causes the process to exceed 1.8GB of virtual memory allocation.

3rd patch the pj64 executable to enable the large address aware flag.


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Sorry it took me a few days to reply. I wanted to try your suggestions and a few other things before I just jumped on here and said nothing worked. I couldn't get Glide to work on either one, idk why. So, finally today I got the smart, yet lame idea to just copy every file related to the emulator from my old computer. I don't know what was wrong with my setup before, but the copies work perfectly now. Thank you for trying to help :)