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Problems with SupraHLE


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Hey People,

I recently downloaded the SupraHLE and something seems to be wrong with the glide2x.dll.... when i click on the icon to start it up a message pops up saying

"This application has failed to start because glide2x.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

Im pretty new to all of this and im not too sure about what i should do...
the file has those little gear thingys on it (green and orangy yellow)

if anyone can help me it would be majorly appreciated!!!


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Looks like you don't have a Voodoo card. You'll need a Glide2x wrapper for anything to show, perhaps eVoodoo 3.2 (you can find it with a search on the forum). Extract all the wrapper files into the SuperHLE main folder.
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