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Problems with full screen (black bars)


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Hi guys, i used to play my N64 games with Project64 till now. I wanted to try Mupen64plus because of better performance and accuracy, but i have some issues with black bars. I tried both graphic plugins, which are included in Mupen64plus, angrylion-plus and GlideN64. I made a picture with all settings which i tried (the game i used is Turok Rage Wars). As you can see, there is no setting where the black bars are removed. They only become narrower or wider. The only setting i needed to use in Project64 was the stretch setting in the graphics plugin (Glide64 Final 2012), which enabled me a fullscreen with no black bars in any game. Am i missing something or is it not possible to use this emulator without any black bars? My monitor resolution is 1920x1080. Hopefully someone can help me.


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