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Problems with Chankast


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I have several problems that i really cant understand. First is the image it self. Whenever i load chankast, the little opening shows up but nothing is there, instead its this:

Then I come into the cd music screen because for some reason my chankast doesnt read the game as a game:

and as i go back to the menu, all i see are the pictures but no letters and everything is blocky and choppy:

I dont really understand it, maybe its my graphics card or maybe its because its running on windows 7. I know its not the iso because it works perfectly on my NullDC:

Can anyone help me? I dont know what is going on, i just wanna play jet grind radio with joy axis compatibilty Im using daemon tools because for some reason Poweriso does not want to mount anything


16-bit Corpse | Moderator
You wouldn't happen to have an integrated graphics chip made by Intel?

Those chips happen to be quite notorious for under performing in various ways when it comes to emulation. nullDC is supposedly coded with a few tricks in order to take the chip's shortcoming into account, although some games will perform poorly regardless of what emulator you use.

P.S. You really shouldn't use Chankast for anything these days, seeing how nullDC and Demul have long since gone past it in terms of compatibility and features. Yes, the lack of gamepad support in nullDC is a downer but you can get around that by using a keyboard -> gamepad mapper such as XPadder. Demul should support gamepads just fine.


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well the only reason i cant use something like xpadder for jet grind radio is because it doesnt have joystick rotation capabilities so i cant do any graffiti things