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Problems getting games to work in SSF 010 (treats them as CDs)


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For some time I've been using SSF 006 without a problem (apart from slowdown). I decided to give 010 a try, but even though I have set it up the same way (bios etc), instead of playing the game it just recognizes it as a music CD.

I mount the game using daemon tools

I can even have both SSF versions running at the same time, one playing the game, the other seeing the same mounted game as a CD!

Is there anything obvious I could be doing wrong?



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I figured it out. I always used the Europe bios, but I changed it to the American one and now it works! Why this is I have no idea, but it seems its a good idea to stick with the American bios.

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And they don't need different bioses, at least in yabause and ssf. I've got tons of japanese & american games, and they all work fine with my european bios.


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Sorry, I meant changing the consoles region to match the region of the game. IIRC, wasn't it only ST-V games that needed the matching BIOS files.

Also, AFAIK, there are some rip of Radiant Silvergun that are corrupted in the sense that they won't boot unless you hack in a different region code in the image and then run it again.