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Problems exporting with Lemmy


GFX Tranny
I posted this as a reply to the Lemmy thread, and got zero response to it. I'm hoping someone sees this and can help. The folder is made, and it seems a file generates, but I keep getting error messages and just can't continue or even view the game in order to figure out the point where I want to export.

Here's the original post, below:
I got the plugin last month, and I'm trying to use it in 1964 (according to the tutorial video) to export the arena from the WCW vs. nWo World Tour intro (and eventually other wrestling game arenas).

However, when I select the plugin and load a game (ANY game), I get the following errors, in the following order:

then this one which repeats over and over

and sometimes I get this one

How can I fix this?