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Problem with Zelda Majora's Mask !


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Hi ! i've a problem with zelda MM !
I can't see the Intro ( when the mask come on the screen ) and the trasformation of link with the mask ! ( Also the scene when link is trasformed in a Deku Scrub with the all other deku )

Whi ? Please help me !

I use Rice plugin last version !!!
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Try enabling "Disable Big Textures" under Current Game Options in the plugin settings. That fixed it for me.


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i had this bug
it works now thanks to this process !
thank you chiklit :)

i have another 2 problems, i use Rice's Video Plugn 6.1.1 beta 10 to enable high textures but unfortunately with this plugin i can't open the bomber's journal anymore (bug) and the "pause menu" background is half pink & half black.
I tried to modify Video options but i failed. any suggestions?