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Problem with N-Rage controller


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Hi guys! I've just recently set up Project64 to play Ocarina of Time.

My problem is that the N-rage controller plugin doesn't seem to recognize the right keys from my GC controller.

Everytime I press a button on my GC controller, Nrage recognizes it only as a X, Y or Z rotation. I've tested out my controller on the standard windows configuration, and it works fine. I've also been using it on JoyToKey, and JoyToKey recognizes it perfectly.

I've tried multiple versions of Nrage, but they all give me the same problem. What should I do?

Thanks so much in advance!


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Have you tried 2.3c?
Thanks for getting back to me!
Turns out my GC control stick wasn't calibrated correctly, so it would input an analog tilt immediately after I pressed the receive button. I got it working :)
Now I'm trying to figure out RiceVideo for the OoT Community Retexture pack.