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problem with dreamemu


mkisofs -o hey_lrd_cheese.iso c:\lrd_cheese_eats\
that will make an iso of everything "lrd_cheese_eats".


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I installed Dreamemu 0.0.3 and I'm running into
problems on bios setup. I kept some bios files
under bios folder and when I start I'm getting the
following error message :
Dreamemu could not locate/load BIOS image "C:\.........\...\Some_Weird_characters"

I used different bios of mine as well as some from

[Link removed by DuDe]
Please don`t post these kind of stuff here, it`s against the rules.

but still the same is there anything I'm missing here.

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Harteex das Brot
Dude... you better remove that link now before the mods come. It's against the forum's rules.


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Before the mods come? Ain`t you yourself a mod?
Anyway, I`ll check the link, if it contains "bad stuff", I`ll remove it...
yeah, plz dont post links etc. to anything that may be deemed even slightly illegal. I dont use emutalk much so i dont get time to moderate this forum and I dont want martin getting in trouble. Thanks Dude.

As regards your problem, just place your bin files into the bios dir and then use the bios configuration in the settings menu. If it dosnt come up in the box its not a valid bios.


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As far as I know talking about BIOS is legal if you own the system whose BIOS you're talking about. And I own a Dreamcast so..
Does anyone have a BIOS that works with Dreamemu? If you do just email me at [email protected] Thanks. If even this isn't allowed.. sorry, thought it would be. -_-