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Probably Just Me But.....


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Is it just me or is Mupen slow? No offence to the creator, rock on, the other emulator Sixty Force sucks ass. Games like GoldenEye007 and Super Smash Brothers have high speed starting(upwards of 30) which is pretty good, I guess. But later in the game it goes down to about 9. Is that the emulator, or the limited spectrum the emulator can play?

I'm new on mac, so forgive me, but my specs according to my mac are:

384 Memory(RAM i'm assuming,again i'm a mac newb)
500 MHz
PowerPC G3


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Well, I think your CPU is a bit to low. And yes, Mupen needs more CPU then some other emulators.
Someone here said that Mupen is good usable with more than 1,2 GHz on an x86, so I think a Mac with around 800 MHz would be enough. :)


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Well, even here I'm having troubles with CPU usage. My specs are a Athlon XP1.8 (running @ 1.6Ghz) and 256mb DDR400 (i know, the ram is afecting it, but...)

Well, in games like Crusin' World and Destruction Derby, the game goes very slow with 100% of CPU usage (in general, the games in 64 takes around 30% of cpu usage as I noticed).

Well, someone is running those games smothly? With which specs?