What's new

PPSSPP dev1.13.2-2225

PPSSPP is advanced PSP emulator, that translates oryginal handheld CPU instructions into optimized x64 or ARM64 machine code using JIT recompilers. Thus it can run on quite low-spec hardware, including ARM-based phones and tablets with OpenGL ES 2.0 support.


Here are changes for latest development builds:
  • Add savestate checkpoints to verify that MEASURE and WRITE match;
  • OpenXR HUD support for even more games;
  • Reserve some space in the checkpoints vector;
  • Add a NOOP state to reduce logspam after error;
  • Better handling infnan fog coefficients in softgpu;
  • Cull verts outside post-viewport Z in softgpu;
  • Optimize out texture proj for UVs;
  • Handle infnan fog coefficients better;
  • Fix wrong vreinterpret neon intrinsic usage

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