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Power Stone 2 on any DC Emulator


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Hi emutalk,

I come to the emulation game with only the barest of understandings of how it all works. I'm trying to run a .cdi of Power Stone 2 on DEmul (0.5.6), nullDC (1.0.4 r50) or Chankast (Alpha 0.25), and running into problems of varying degrees on each. The problems encountered with each emulator are as follows.


Error: Unable to find dc101d_us.bin in romset 'dc'

I've found a thread or two in various emu forums dealing with this problem, but explanations on how to fix it do not go into detail. If I understand correctly, a 'rom' or 'romset' directory must be created in the main DEmul folder, inside which the dc_bios.bin is to be renamed to dc101d_us.bin and either placed inside a .rar entitled dc.rar or left alone. I have no idea which of these combinations is correct, or if any of them are correct. The ones I've tried so far have been ineffective.


nullDC is the only emulator which has produced sound and video with default settings, but results manage to vary with each startup even if no settings are changed. Sometimes the game appears to run at only half-speed and with sound stutters. The Dreamcast and Capcom splash animations will flicker along a diagonal axis from the top right to bottom left of the screen. The upper left half of the window mostly remains black, flickering to white. The lower right is relatively well rendered, but it too flickers somewhat. Flickering elsewhere in gameplay sometimes occurs along the same axis with one triangle or another flickering to black or white at random. Sometimes only the nullDC logo is displayed with game audio playing in the background. Polygons will often render very choppy, as in the area outlined in red:


I have read that changing the refresh rate from 60 Hz to 50 Hz is necessary/recommended but I can find no setting for it anywhere in the program.


Chankast displays the Dreamcast splash animation as a grey screen with audio


before proceeding to a date/time prompt which does not draw the numbers:


The game is listed as working 100% on compatibility lists for all three emulators. I have gone over the FAQ's and/or wikis for each, but am, as previously mentioned, a little limited by my technical understanding. Each emulator has some variation of the necessary BIOS in what I'm pretty sure is the proper directory. Beyond that, I'm only tinkering with settings I don't understand which doesn't seem to be having any positive effect.

I would greatly appreciate any help the community can offer.

Thanks in advance,

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