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Possible to dump graphics not shown on screen?


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Hi, I am a huge Doom 64 fan, and I love its graphics.

I am trying to extract every single graphic from Doom64 for observing reasons and I got many of the monsters/weapons/textures etc.

BUT, I was told there are some unused graphics not seen in the gameplay of doom64, and even a unused weapon sprite.

also me and a friend had a interview with Randy Estrella and Tim Heydelaar, the level designers of Doom 64 for our Doom site, and they mentioned two images with a message thats not seen in Doom 64. So that made me even more curious.

I am very determined to try to view the whole tile set without having to view that graphic in the game just to extract it.

I've tried many tile programs to view the tiles, but I always get static like effects

TR64 is the only tool that I was able to successfully get the graphics from the rom.

but anyways, is it possible to extract the entire tile set without having to play the game/ view the graphic to dump it?

btw, forgive me if I posted this in the wrong forum.

I appriciate any reply, thanks.
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i dont know, but have you tried nemu's graphic-exporting options at all? maybe nemu can do it


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Oh well. guess I'll be visiting your site/forums from time to time for updates :)

keep up your awsome work on tr64!