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possible Crystalis graphics bug


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Hello. I am using the latest version of JNES and I am wondering if the following issue is a bug. When I load the "Crystalis (U)" rom I get a weird graphic issue. Whenever I talk to someone, the screen shakes slightly, as if an earthquake is happening. The graphic issue is not the one talked here at this thread: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=29861&highlight=Crystalis
I have tried the same ROM in VirtualNES and the shaking is not present. Even with the selection of multiple roms to test, I still get the same earthquake visual bug. Any ideas?


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I took some screenshots to show what I am talking about. The "bad" screen has several "B" letters in lower left. These also show up when talking to people in town.

Normal view(game rom done in virtual nes)

Bad view 1 (same game rom in jnes)

Bad view 2(same game rom in jnes)

I wonder if others could try it to see if they can reproduce the error, perhaps even the JNES developer can look into it as well.
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