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Please Read this before Posting game and Compatibility issues


  1. Read the current compatibility list before asking if a game is playable it's VERY likely it's on the list already.
  2. Be sure you understand the compatibility list critera for rating a game (See the item following), if you think it should be changed PM the maintainer of the list (don't post about it unless it's something constructive).
  3. Playable - minor problems. (this does not always mean perfect or close to it)

    Ingame - goes ingame, but tends to freeze or may have lots of graphics errors.

    Not Playable - will start, intros and sometimes menus, or it may be an emu problem.

    Doesn't Work - remains as a black screen, or doesn't reach the intros.

    Not Tested - has not yet been tested.
  4. Remember to be civil, this is about iDeaS and NDS emulation. That is all you should be posting about here.
  5. Have fun, if you aren't going to enjoy what you are going to say maybe you shouldn't say it :D
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