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So, a quick story to sum up my issues. I wanna play sonic adventure 1 so bad I can't stand it. I originally played DX on Gamecube. Can't emulate Gamecube, but I heard Chankast works well. Check the compatibility and... BINGO! Say's it's compatible. Download and... BIOS issue? Google for a bit and I find and configure. Okay, problem solved! Now how to load my .cdi? *rumages through help file* Here we go, Daemon tools should do it. *downloads* Hmm... it loads the disk as a musica disk... *reads FAQ* SO... it might be I'm usin Win2K, except I'm not... I use XP. Could be a non-selfbooting disk *totally lost* so I should use the Utopia thingy that came with my download? It's a .cdi so I just load it like a disk, right? Except it does the same thing! *googles more* All I found was something about a spinning reindeer head. *clueless* I'm getting a bit frustrated now, and can't find help be it by google or this site! *RAWR* Can anybody set me straight? I just really wanna play SA1... T.T


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1. You heard wrong. While Chankast does work, and emulates a number of games, it certainly doesn't do its job that well.
2. Chankast's GD-ROM loading routines (read: the way it handles disc booting and such) leaves much to be desired and fail to work properly in certain cases, despite a game being marked as "Compatible" in some lists. Sure, the game could be non-selfboot, in which case the game doesn't boot without a bootdisc.
3. It is possible to get games to run with the aid of a bootdisc (Utopia or otherwise, but bootdiscs fall victim to the same kind of Chankast's ineptitude when trying to get games to boot.
4. There's also the possibility that your BIOS or Flash file is corrupt, but judging by your description, this probably isn't the case.
5. It's said that Chankast works best with Daemon Tools 3.29, thanks to later versions changing the virtual drive mechanisms quite a bit, but personally I've been able to boot stuff with DT 4.xx as well. Take that as you will.
6. It's not like you don't have a choice; there are other [far better] emulators than Chankast, and I'm sure nothing is preventing you from trying them out, if Chankast refuses to bend to you will.
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Alright, well, naught to do about it but try try again. Thanks much. But Ireally had heard chankast was the best... Hmm... I guess I really shouldn't ask for suggestions either. Oh well, google time! Thanks again! ^_^


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Alright, well, naught to do about it but try try again. Thanks much. But Ireally had heard chankast was the best

You heard wrong then, Chankast is by far the most outdated Dreamcast emulator containing numerous bugs and glitches that aren't present on other much better Dreamcast emulators such as NullDC and Demul.

There has been no further news for Chankast in years let alone any new releases or updates. If you want to play Dreamcast games with minimal issues then you will need to use another Dreamcast emulator unless you want to give yourself a major headache by dealing with a crap load of game breaking bugs that can not be fixed.