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Please Help issues with Mame on Android TV - Kodi


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I'm new here and new to emulators and Roms, so dont be too hard on me ha ha.

So to give you as much info as I can, I have an M8 Android Media box and have been running Kodi/XBMC for some time. I recently discovered its abiltity to Play Roms and I am very excited. I have looked at some tutorials and I managed to get the Snes Roms working fine by downloading the Snes9x Emulator in the Google play store, adding the Kodi App Rom collection Browser. Kodi then sees the emulator on setup and I linked the rom path to a folder on a 8GB SD card, all worked fine and I was chuffed.

However when it came to the Mame files it was a different story. After researching on the internet best Android emulators the names that came up were MAME4droid and Retro arch so once again I downloaded these in the google play store, added the Mame zip files to the SD card (I kept them zipped) linked the path, however this time Kodi did not recognise MAME4droid as the emulator, only retro arch (2 versions) I have tried both and neither work. I have also been unable to scrape any artwork for some reason.

It has recognised the file path as the list of all the MAMEzip files I have is on the screen in the Rom browser collection, but when I click on a title the screen goes black for a second and then returns to the list of games. I really dont know how to fix this. I have tried both Retroarch emulators neither seem to work. I have no idea why Kodi (Rom collection) wont recognise MAME4droid emulator.

I would really appreciate any help from anyone on here would love to be able to enjoy the arcade games I played as a kid, Final fight, Pang. Street Fighter. I know you can play these on the SNES and |Mega drive but doesnt feel the same.

Thanks guys hope to here from you soon.