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PlayStation 4 OFW 9.00 Jailbreak released, can reportedly affect PS5 consoles as well

There's a new PlayStation 4 exploit in town--PS4 scene developers have released pOOBs4, a new kernel exploit that affects consoles on firmware 9.0.0. According to the pOOBs4 GitHub page, this exploit functions a little differently from previous PS4 jailbreak methods; you'll need a dedicated USB drive with the jailbreak software, which you'll insert into the system at a specific time during the process. The hack can also work on the PlayStation 5, claims the team, but triggering it isn't possible yet, and they recommend that users don't try to mess with their PS5 consoles until more information is available on how it affects that system. Currently, any PS4 that is on OFW 9.0.0 or below is exploitable using this method.

In this project you will find an implementation that tries to make use of a filesystem bug for the Playstation 4 on firmware 9.00. The bug was found while diffing the 9.00 and 9.03 kernels. It will require a drive with a modified exfat filesystem. Successfully triggering it will allow you to run arbitrary code as kernel, to allow jailbreaking and kernel-level modifications to the system. will launch the usual payload launcher (on port 9020).

The instructions and jailbreak file itself can be downloaded from the source below. Useful homebrew tools Mira and GoldHEN have also been updated to work with this new version.

  • You need to insert the USB when the alert pops up, then let it sit there for a bit until the ps4 storage notifications shows up.
  • Unplug the USB before a (re)boot cycle or you'll risk corrupting the kernel heap at boot.
  • The browser might tempt you into closing the page prematurely, don't.
  • The loading circle might freeze while the webkit exploit is triggering, this means nothing.
  • This bug works on certain PS5 firmwares, however there's no known strategy for exploiting it at the moment. Using this bug against the PS5 blind wouldn't be advised.