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PCSX2 WIP and Screens


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<b>PCSX2 WIP and Screens</b>

After talking with my good buddy <a href="http://pcsx2.ngemu.com" target="_blank">Shadow</a> on IRC today I was able to get some cool info. Some I can share with the rest of you, some I can't. Don't you just hate the teasers?<br><br>As for this update Shadow has informed me that the PCSX2 Developement team is making some very nice progress and have some real nice screens of some 3D demos that you can view <a href="http://pcsx2.ngemu.com/info.php" target="_blank">here</a>. These more complex demos are making good use of the VU units, and are taken using a new OpenGL GS Plugin. The New GS Plugin might be released with the next release of PCSX2, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.<br><br>Some very exciting times are ahead for the PCSX2 Developement team, and I will do my best to keep you guys informed of the progress.<br><br>» Check out the official PCSX2 Site <a href="http://pcsx2.ngemu.com" target="_blank">here</a><br>» Check out the PCSX2 Support Site <a href="http://pcsx2.psxfanatics.com" target="_blank">here</a> for guides, and some other usefull information.


can i make an educated guess?

judging by those demo screenies i'm willing to bet that at LEAST one ps2 commercial game is running.

tell me if i'm on qualudes....

or better yet, don't, you're not supposed to tell us more than you already did... :D

w00t! yet another console for me to dink around with! and i saw all kinds of rad ps2 games at target for <$20!!!



I doubt a game is workin, but more like the proper ps2bios file is doing somthing then just sitting there.:)