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Paper Mario (E) (U) almost good...

The Siskoo

1964 Version (from the 1964 Window's Title Bar):
0.9.9 2003-09-27 PRIVATE

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Please specify your system:

Operating System: WIN XP PRO
Processor : ATHLON XP 1800
Processor Speed: 1.6Mhz
BUS Speed (optional): 133Mhz FSB, 33Mhz PCI, 66MHz AGP
Amount of Memory: -
Graphics Accelerator Card: ATI RADEON 8500 LE --> drivers Catalyst 3.8
Audio Card: Sound blaster Live

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}}}}} Bug#1 {{{{{

Describe the Problem:
Sound is almost good, just some lit' noisy sound.

How to Make this Problem Happen:
Run the game until the music start.

How Often Does this Problem Happen? [Rarely; Sometimes; Often; Always]:

Rate the Problem [Not Serious; A Minor Distraction; Annoying; Urgent]:
a minor distraction