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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to announce that I am working on an multi-system emulator called OpenEmulator.

Contrary to what many people might consider logic, I started working on the user-interface and I have almost finished it. You can check it out at


You can see a list of features and a screenshot here:


If there is anybody interested in this, please get in touch with me!



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It's an interesting approach and it's great that you shared it with us on ET and brought some life into the new Emulation projects subboard.


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Thanks for your nice words!

The emulator is advancing, it is now possible to logically daisy chain devices, so for example virtual SCSI devices are connected to each other.

It won't be long til the first emulation (Apple-1) comes out!



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Hello everybody:
I have the pleasure to announce that OpenEmulator 1.0 has been
released. What's new:
* The Apple-1 emulations are working. It is possible to emulate a
stock Apple-1, a Briel Replica-1 and a Achatz A-ONE. Every emulation
respects the memory maps and features of respective systems.
* There are many virtual monitors that can be plugged in an Apple-1
emulation: the Apple Monitor III (with high phosphor persistence), the
Apple Monitor II, a monochrome broadcast monitor, and a composite
broadcast monitor. The broadcast monitors allow fine tuning of the
video rendering.
* OpenEmulator is most probably the first emulator featuring a fully
functional Apple Cassette Interface Card (ACI). The ACI can be plugged
into any Apple-1 slot, and allows sending and receiving data to the
host audio system.
* OpenEmulator is definitely the first emulator with a CFFA1 expansion
card emulation. This card interfaces CompactFlash memory cards with
Apple-1 computers. It can be used in this emulation to move files much
more quickly than with the cassette interface.
* The audio recorder is capable of storing the sound output to a WAV
file, and can play back any of the following formats: WAV, AIFF, CAF,
* OpenEmulator allows to connect devices dynamically to an emulation.
Just open the Hardware Library, and drag virtual devices to the
corresponding port.
* OpenEmulator features an advanced video rendering system, using GPU
shaders to implement advanced monitor emulation.
* OpenEmulator also makes it easy to change emulations internally.
Just edit the XML file and reconnect/reconfigure the software
components that make up an emulation.
With the best wishes,


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OpenEmulator 1.0.2 is out! [with Apple II support]

Hello everyone,
it is once again my pleasure to announce that a new version of
OpenEmulator was released.
The highlight in OpenEmulator 1.0.2 is 1977 Apple II support. A short
feature list:
* Emulates the 1977 Apple II
* Joystick/mouse support with programmable axis and button mapping,
sensitivity, reversal, and joystick auto detection
* Supports PAL/NTSC video generation and crystal frequency (14.31818
MHz vs 14.25 MHz)
* Cycle-accurate video emulation
* Support for several character sets
* Emulates the floating bus
* Support of the Apple II cassette interface
* Support for Apple II revision 0 and 1 or later.
* Added the AppleColor Composite Monitor
Some tips:
* Besides the Controls menu and toolbar, you can also press CTRL
+BACKSPACE for reset and CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE for restart
* To start BASIC, type E000G <ENTER>
* You can get cassette recordings of software here:
- http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/projects/cassettes
- https://public.me.com/lord_philip
(to load a cassette, follow the instructions with the recording, or
try LOAD <ENTER> from the BASIC > prompt)
* You can load Applesoft from cassette :). You just won't be able to
use HIRES.
* Try entering this in the monitor:
1000:AD 51 C0 EA AD 50 C0 4C 00 10
* As always, you can tinker with the XML emulation description
Your comments are more than welcome!
Merry christmas,
and a great 2012,
with the best wishes,


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1.0.3 is available as of now. Here is a feature update list:

* Added the 1979 Apple II plus and Apple II j-plus
* Added the 1979 Disk II drives and interface card (13 and 16 sector),
with support for DSK, DO, D13, PO, CPM, NIB, 2IMG, FDI, DiskCopy 4.2,
V2D disk images
* Added the 1979 Apple 16K Language Card
* Added the 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet interface and card
* Added the 1979 Videx Videoterm 80 column card, with cycle accurate
MC6845 emulation
* Added the R&D CFFA interface card for mounting PO, 2IMG, HDV,
HDF, DiskCopy 4.2, VDI (VirtualBox) and VMDK (VMWare disk image) disk
* Fixed CTRL keyboard problems in Apple II's
* Added applesoft-lite 0.4 to Briel Replica-1

Looks like it is only available on Mac. Boo!

Next release has planned Windows and Linux support :).

With the best wishes,



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I'm not a mac user but the UI looks sweet (judging from the screenshots).

Keep up the good work!


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I agree with Shizzy. I am really liking the NTSC/PAL and CRT work in this emulator. \:D/