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OOT MQ Emu for the Gc can it play other games?


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So from reading a few threads i gather you can play the master quest on emulators, ok that’s cool. But what if you replace the rom with something else and run it on the gamecube?

Anyone try this?

If it works, does it mean there is a complete n64 emulator for the gc? Hence we have something that we can reverse engineer, that is in essence a perfect n64 but in a power pc binary?

Give me your thoughts.


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Yes it is possible to use it for other games, although I don't think it's allowed to talk about it in any detail. Also, the Nintendo N64 emu is not perfect, only runs a few games.


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Yeah is a copyright thing, so we should stop talking about.
Only one last thing: we couldn't change the emu without it's source and only some opcodes are supported (these some codes Zelda needs I think),that means only a hand of N64 games would run without great probs!
So, please close, all said I think.