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only losers watch tv

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evil *******
Yes, it's sad, it's pathetic, it's an #ngemu attempt at harassment...
[21:13] <KaRuPt> are you gay?
[21:13] <KaRuPt> do you love anal sex?
[21:14] <KaRuPt> you obivously have a liking for the same sex
[21:14] <passive> you really need to get better at this
[21:14] <passive> such a pathetic attempt
[21:15] <KaRuPt> at what?
[21:15] <KaRuPt> getting you into bed
[21:15] <KaRuPt> i want you ass!
[21:15] <KaRuPt> your*
[21:16] <passive> little tip, this isn't offensive or amusing, it's just sad
[21:16] <KaRuPt> kicking me from emulation64
[21:16] <KaRuPt> haha
[21:16] <KaRuPt> i find it funny
[21:16] <KaRuPt> little tip, get a penis enlargement!
[21:18] <passive> you might find this more entertaining if you found someone who reacts
[21:18] <passive> I suggest knuckles
[21:19] <KaRuPt> bah, knuckles isn't a loser though
[21:19] <passive> uhuh
[21:20] <KaRuPt> so you are saying that you are a weiner?
[21:21] <KaRuPt> and a loser?
[21:22] <passive> I'm saying I'm going to watch some tv
[21:23] <KaRuPt> lol
[21:23] <KaRuPt> only losers do that!


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Sad indeed. :whistling

Still, don't let one user generalize a whole community (ngemu). Every community has its "bad apples"
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Well, don't think bad of ngemu, passive, i'm sorry, but i still don't like you, and i'm not even sure why you involved ngemu in this. everyone there is great, i did this on my own behalf, not Ngemu's.


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I don't agree with passive either but hey, he's an evil bastard, what do you expect? Just try not to piss him off :p

PS: Banning cooliscool was too extreme... even for passive. It won't do things better but I must say that I am against that ban.


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I really don't think it fair to say #ngemu. There are some great guys in #ngemu, KaRuPt is just one of the annoying kids that spawn from the depths of hell to annoy us all.
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