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omg so hot


<GokuSS4> 3Record Uptime: 8h 38m 46s set on Tue Aug 16 01:42:24 2005
<GokuSS4> i swear to god i've set a record of 1 week before
<CpUMasteR> 3Record Uptime: 4w 2d 1h 5m 49s set on Mon May 16 17:18:52 2005
<CpUMasteR> get off
<CpUMasteR> :D
* GokuSS4 gets off
* GokuSS4 gets off on CpUMasteR pr0n
* CpUMasteR rubs his nipples
<CpUMasteR> I am getting myself hawt
* Masken has joined #emulation64
<GokuSS4> oh baby
<GokuSS4> i need vamp's teddy bear.. my favorite humping toy
* CpUMasteR ties up GokuSS4 to a bed
<CpUMasteR> hold on a second
* CpUMasteR gets the gas can
<GokuSS4> so hot!!
<GokuSS4> woo!!
* CpUMasteR pours the gasoline all over GokuSS4
<CpUMasteR> yeah, its about to get hotter
<GokuSS4> im loving this
* CpUMasteR throws a match to the gas drenched GokuSS4
<CpUMasteR> burn!
* CpUMasteR whacks off
* CpUMasteR is done
* Masken is now known as Mask|away
<CpUMasteR> woo, that was good
* CpUMasteR leaves
<GokuSS4> that was it...? oh man..
<GokuSS4> i've been used... AGAIN