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oh god wont some one hellp me


im a retard & cant spell
when i play goldeneye on Supra it works fine apart from it dosent save after i complet mishions oh god y y can any one help go on u know u wanna. also im a retard and cant spel soz


Keeper of The Iron Tail
Supra does not support built-in game saves. Use save states.

F6 - quick save
F9 - quick load

Shift+F6 - save file
Shift+F9 - load file

Don't people ever read the readme?


im a retard & cant spell

soz to zAlbee i did read the readme but only skimd it soz for wasting every 1s time ill go live in a cave some where :cry: and to
the other person try pj64 very good but its pants 4 goldeneye but every thing else works good