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Oh crap


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[22:48:40] <|DuDe|> http://www.forumopolis.com/showthread.php?t=235&page=1&pp=25 => Jesus fuck
[22:50:22] <lrdcheese> omfg
[22:51:43] <lrdcheese> why would you ever want to do something like that?
[22:51:51] <|DuDe|> I can't believe I read his description
[22:52:01] <|DuDe|> I won't have a hard on for days
[22:52:40] <lrdcheese> it is fucking horrendous alright
[22:52:59] <|DuDe|> It's beyong horrendous
[22:53:12] <|DuDe|> I can't read the fucking thing withought getting my balls to squeeze
[22:53:17] <passive> gah
[22:53:22] <passive> why would someone do that
[22:53:28] <|DuDe|> With fucking vodka no less
[22:53:39] <|DuDe|> Jesus fuck, he injected vodka into his fucking testicles
[22:53:42] <|DuDe|> DEAR GOD WHY
[22:53:47] <|DuDe|> WHY HAVE I READ THAT
[22:53:53] <Ap|code> dont even tell us about it
[22:54:01] <Ap|code> just cause your dumb enough to read his thing ;P
[22:54:02] <|DuDe|> I have a fucking mental image now
[22:54:13] <Ap|code> just stop while your ahead =p
[22:54:23] <|DuDe|> DEAR MOTHER OF GOD WHY
[22:54:36] <passive> lol
[22:54:47] <passive> why are you trying to picture it
[22:54:48] <passive> fool
[22:55:02] <|DuDe|> It just popped out of nowhere and it won't come out :(


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holy jumping mother of god, and you had nothing better to do than share this touching experience with us? im a bit creeped out now but in a strange way this is also funny :p


evil *******
it's a chain.. someones going to link to this thread from an irc channel, then jump to that other site and see the pasting of the original:p