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Oh, crap (literally)


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[21:39:36] <|DuDe|> Fuck this, even the installer is Men of Valor is fucking buggy
[21:39:57] <TrotterW> Give it a higher rating than MOH for a laugh ;)
[21:40:11] <|DuDe|> I was thinking about it, but I'd be lying to myself
[21:40:16] <TrotterW> lol
[21:40:22] <|DuDe|> This game is the biggest shit that was ever shat
[21:40:36] <TrotterW> You're bound to get mails from people saying Men of Valor is a great game
[21:40:39] <TrotterW> and that you are stupid
[21:40:42] <wraggfood> ive done a bigger shit
[21:40:53] <|DuDe|> Why the hell are they using the Unreal Warfare engine if they're ain't using the physics :\
[21:41:05] <wraggfood> one day i did a shit that was sticking out of the top of the bowl
[21:41:12] <|DuDe|> Awesome wraggster
[21:41:15] <wraggfood> fuckin thing took ages to flush
[21:41:36] <|DuDe|> Dude, you must've had a feeling of accoplishment after that one
[21:41:41] <wraggfood> it had to be broke up eventually
[21:41:54] <|DuDe|> Nothing beats a tremenedous shit
[21:41:54] <wraggfood> yeah im still proud to this day
[21:41:56] <TrotterW> You should have framed it
[21:41:57] <wraggfood> :p
[21:42:10] <wraggfood> my workmates went in to see it
[21:42:16] <TrotterW> lmao
[21:42:19] <wraggfood> :p
[21:42:21] <|DuDe|> You know, when you're having a shit and you're actually feeling tired after having it, because it was so big
[21:42:40] <TrotterW> Good book/mag + a good shit = joy
[21:42:53] <TrotterW> Yes indeed
[21:42:56] <wraggfood> i dont know how queers get on but it hurts shoving the fucker out not shoving one in
[21:43:35] <wraggfood> decent paper isa must
[21:43:57] <wraggfood> that cheap stuff that takes skin off your arse is no good
[21:44:05] <|DuDe|> Right on
[21:44:33] <TrotterW> Topic: #Emulation64 > Shit
[21:44:34] <|DuDe|> You know what really rocks? When you're having a shit that comes out clean, and you need almost no wiping at all
[21:44:49] <|DuDe|> You feel like Jesus or something after something like that
[21:44:55] <wraggfood> lol
[21:45:20] <wraggfood> those shits that use half a toilet roll are annoying
[21:45:53] <|DuDe|> Yeah
[21:46:04] <TrotterW> lol, I love those perfect ones
[21:46:15] <TrotterW> erm how did we get onto this anyways?
[21:46:25] <|DuDe|> <|DuDe|> This game is the biggest shit that was ever shat
[21:46:30] <|DuDe|> <wraggfood> ive done a bigger shit
[21:46:37] <wraggfood> :p
[21:46:55] <TrotterW> Ah
[21:47:03] <TrotterW> So on topic at least


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