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Off to Maui!


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Summer, holiday and vacation from holiday! :p I'm off to Maui tomorrow to surf/windsurf and hopefully have a sweet summer. Any maui people on emu64/emutalk?

Any suggenstions on things to see? Not see? :p

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Ahh, I used to live in Hilo. Be sure to watch the plain land if you stop in Honolulu to switch islands, cause the runway is on a corral reef, and when it goes to land, it looks like you're gonna crash into the ocean.:p


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I'm headed to Tennessee on Wednesday for Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival. I'll be back on the 21st, behave while I'm gone.

Have a good Vaca to everyone else headed out of town.


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Jaz said:
Awesome - have fun surfing.

I'm off to Spain on Wed, hopefully to do the same! :)

Hey! Were are you going? If you're coming to Valencia I can give you some suggestions :p

Edit: Oops, if you're surfing I doubt you come to Valencia. You most probably will go to Cádiz or some other windy place