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odd problems with Azimar's 0.30 (old driver) and audigy


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ok im pretty sure this could be an audigy prob, as it never occurred before i got it. basically every game i use the 0.30 (old drvr) with, and every emu, i get no sound, apart from the occasional blink of noise coming from the game. games ive tried include, mario64, mariokart64 and fighter's destiny. these are games that used to work fine...could this be my soundcard?? and weird prob if it is...

Azimar's 0.4beta2 works fine (much better wiht the audigy, in terms of quality :) )


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I have exactly the same problem, Audigy+0.3(old driver) = looping samples etc.
0.4 beta2 is fine. :)


I don't get any sound using one of Azimer's plugins can't remember which exactly, the one coming with 1964 0.7.1. my old PII 400MHz, stupid soundcard - 33.6K modem combo :p good old TNT2 M64.


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Hmm interesting. And I thought it was because of the missing "Sync Audio to Gameplay" option with v0.3. I also only got either no sound or horrible looping sound. Also Audigy here.... Go figure.


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As I mentioned in the other thread, I don't own an Audigy and I can't reproduce that issue. On a side note, the Old Audio code uses zilmar's audio code which is found in the current PJ 1.4 (Not Jabo's Audio). The New Audio code uses a hacked/get games to work/Semi-Buffered audio code. I hope some issues will be resolved when my next dll is released. Otherwise someone will have to donate one of those darn Audigy's ;-)