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If i try to put in gameshark cheats on the Ocarina of Time ROM that I have it won't work. Note: I have version 1.2 of Ocarina of Time.


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When you're doing it in 1964, it's different. You not only press Ctrl+C to open the GameShark cheats dialoge in 1964 and then type the cheats by their codes that you want to import, but you also have to select the cheats and click the "Select" button at the bottom-left.

If you already did that, then Idk. To be honest, I've found cheats in 1964 that didn't do anything, either. Try copying and pasting the cheats from Project64 and use them on 1964, and then they should work. For some reason, the cheats for Zelda OOT on 1964 indeed seem ineffective.


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Well talking about cheats I download a Project64.CHT file and I put it inside Programfiles/project64 1.7/config And when I drag it in the config folder it says remove and replace? I then click yes to move and replace then boot up the rom and I look at all my cheats and I still have the orginal cheats and not the ones I downloaded the CHT file for WTF any help? please.? Am I putting it in the wrong folder were is the CHT files suppose to go?
I downloaded JmanX990's CHT files for Multiplayer usage in OOT.


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@Goku2271: This thread is nearly six years old, and PJ64 1.7 is not supported on these forums. If you're experiencing an issue with PJ64 1.7 that can't be reproduced on version 1.6, try searching (and starting a thread if you find no solution) on the beta board.