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Ocarina of Time self mod code help


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Hi guys! I want to play OoT in 1964 without the "Protect Memory" self mod code because it causes micro-stuttering every now and then, so my question is: which is the equivalent of Project64's "Check Memory Advance" on 1964? Although Project64 1.6.0 with the optimals plugins runs this game almost flawlessly I want to try 1964's overclocking option since some big areas drops the FPS in this already low 20FPS game. Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!

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If you set it to anything other than Protect Memory you will get crashes on specific parts. Try setting Counter Factor 1 in Project64 to fix the slowdowns.


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Thanks for the advice and I already know where the crashes are if you set self mod to check memory advance:

1) The Lost Woods (I never go to the two rooms to the left of the entrance),
2) Kakariko's Shop when you enter as adult (never crashed with Check Memory Advance) and the...
3) Kakariko's Well, when you drain it with the Song of Storms (unavoidable with any self mod code aside Protect Memory) but there is a workaround, playing the Song of Storms during the day.

Forgot to say that I set CF to 1 and Block Linking to off. Also this game needs to self mod its code to be properly emulated otherwise it will run with the micro stuttering I mentioned
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