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Ocarina of Time problem


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Hello –

I'm having a problem with the Ocarina of Time.

I can run the game without a problem, but I'm stuck at the Water Temple. After you've already got the extended hookshot and before you get the boss key, there's a bit where you have to shoot an arrow into an eye to open a gate and then very quickly hookshot yourself through. The problem is that my control over the hookshot isn't fine enough – the smallest increment by which I can shift the aim is so big that there doesn't seem to be any way for me to hit the target.

Here's a picture of the place and the problem:


Is there any way for me to get past this point WITHOUT buying an analog controller? Is there anyone who would be willing to have me send him or her my save state just to get me over that one platform?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Ma Chao

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With N-Rage input plugin, you can change the "analog stick"'s sensitivity. So that you can press the key normally and only move like 30% of the N64 analog stick.

EDIT: sorry, I posted this without paying attention that this is Sixtyforce forum, so forgive me if N-Rage doesn't work with you
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Thanks for the suggestion. I should clarify that I'm using sixtyforce for OS X on a MacBook (so an Intel processor).


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I had the same problem when I was playing OoT on sixtyforce.

This'll probably sound really really annoying, but just keep trying. I think, in the end, I used z-targeting, in order to get it, because z-targeting allows you to target differently from normal hookshot targeting. But yah, this one little platform took me a really really long time.


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Hello, everyone. I was wondering if someone could help me out with an issue I'm having with Sixtyforce. So I'm using Sixtyforce on my Mac OS X and everything looks great. Here's the problem, though: I'm using a Steelseries 3GC controller to play the game. I've configured the inputs I wanted for the controller. However, when I move the left analog stick to the left, instead of Link moving left, I end up switching to first person view. The button input for Up C is assigned to my right analog stick by moving that upwards, and yet whenever I move left, I always go into first person view, which should not happen. It's annoying for me to have to play the game while having this issue because now I can't finish the game. Can someone please help me fix this?