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Ocarina Of time Beta Screenshots


Beta Screenshots Of Ocarina of time. :nemu:
The First one was in burning Kakariko and was strange because you could see sheiks mouth and almost her entire face.
The second shot had mist flying around Hyrule field.
The third shot was in the deku tree above the web near the begginning with navi calling me [!].
The fourth shot was a ring of grass that you see when Kakriko's burning with the tilting code on.
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Nice, but they're not beta.
Only with cheats.
And in the third one you are called like that cause you're using the wrong ROM.


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Love the avatar *cough*. ;)

Also, "BQ" is far from beta. It may load unused object sets, but in reality, all you're doing is playing in uninitialized cutscenes.


Yeah, recently I got a view of all of sheiks face. Mouth, eyes and nose.

EDIT: I was using project64 when I took these shots in February or march i think. I used 1.6 because at that point my computer worked fine with it, since I had ATIRadeon. That was the only time glide would work for me.
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