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Obviously this topic is getting old.


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Just wondering if someone can give me even a remote guess as to when an actual PS2 emulator might be available. Yes, I understand the difficulty involved. Unfortunately, though, I was one of the unlucky ones who purchased a dreaded "Disc Read Error" PS2. And while taking apart my PS2 to clean its electronic innards is fun for the first couple of times, the novelty of it wears off quickly (Note: I am forced to do this with nearly every game/DVD I play, PSX or PS2 game). As with many, I've been dying to play my Final Fantasy X again.

If such an option as emulation isn't available for the next couple of years, is there any other way I could play PS2 games on a computer? (A doubtful, stupid question, but I had to ask)



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You could undoubtedly have the money saved for a new PS2 long before any emulator is at a playable state.


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I do believe Sony fix those problematic PS2s for free, but if you opened it up perhaps not.