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nvidia users read this

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for a long time i couldn't run chankast. it would just keep crashing after exiting bios.
i finally reinstalled the last nvidia driver (which I removed monthes ago because it was full of bugs and horrible looking)
after i reinstalled i could finally launch chankast with all game working fine
hope this help some of you

the morale: use chankast with last sucking nvidia driver or say goodbye to dreamcast on PC :bye3:


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you should also state what card you have. i have a geforce fx 5200 and the latest beta drivers (61.40) and they work great for me.


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You need always to install the lastest drivers to get the maximum of your games...... sometimes i use last betas, sometimes i use last releases, but with lastest drivers i have no problems at all..... I have a GF5600.


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I'd have to say a BIG THUMBS UP for this thread. We NV users need a homebase here as none but my latest 61.40 Betas paired with Chankast correctly. Prior to 61.40 textures were a mess and some effects would cause the emu to crash or quit. Now I can happily leave it running SC or DOA2 or ShenMue 1 endlessly. :)

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There are some well known bugs with nvidia VGA cards.
Some game will crash or hang the emulator. I have some
games simple prompts "IO error" then crash or hang.
In most case, using latest display card driver may fix
some problems. If you can run some games, then you're


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i use the 56.72 drivers and they run just as fast as the 61.40, but the 61.40 driver has a messed up tv-out function so i went back to 56.72

and either way 56.72 was equal to 61.40 in aquamark3 for me

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I have 56.72 , no problems at all. In fact, I just checked nvidia's site, and the latest ver. is the 56.72.

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Best drivers so far...

Just so you know....The 61.40 drivers very probably ARE the 56.72s LOL They are fake! Guru3D (www.guru3d.com) still keeps them there but users on the Guru3D forums have discussed this in detail. I would recommend you download the 61.34 set (its 19mb :() if you want the latest set. However, your GF4 MX440 isn't going to use the extended DX9c (yeah you need that too :p) features such as SM 3.0 and high order masking etc...
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im using 45.32 with my ti4200 for optimal performance

Wellll, actualy, since I made a dual boot so I could run windows XP JUST for chanka,
I should just install latest drivers on XP and leave my 2k on 45.32


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flow`` said:
why not the 61.34's?

Oops I meant the 61.34's....editing post now :blush:



PS : Martin or any opers can we make this a sticky thread please?