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null 1.0.4 MvC2 slow downs


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Hi, a few days ago I downloaded nullDC (ver. 1.0.4) to play marvel vs capcom 2.
Umm... the game runs smoothly most of the time. I just have one complaint, and is that, when I do captain commando's hyper combo (captain sword) I get frame drops to 40fps, and it really bothers me because it could happen with other hyper combos, and maybe even stages, I downloaded the dreamcast version because I saw online that it had no slowdowns (I have not tried all of them tho). And I've been searching for different information and I can't get any answer. Someone on shoryuken told me to upgrade my ram.

Edit: I also have the ps2 version on pcsx2 and there I don't have any frame drops during hyper combos. Just in a few stages sometimes.

Im playing in a lenovo thinkpad laptop
4gb ram
intel i5-3320 2.60ghz
Windows 7
Intel graphics

Idk what to do, I just want to fix this either by downloading something or changing settings. Or do I really need to upgrade ram?.
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