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not irc, but still great


evil *******
my friend andrew.. the "pc genius"
Andrew says: what the hell is windows explorer?
Jared says : it's a virus
Jared says : kill it
Jared says : :P
Andrew says: how
Andrew says: are you serious?
Jared says : yeah
Andrew says: tell me quick
Jared says : open task manager
Jared says : goto processes
Jared says : and select explorer and kill it
Andrew says: a trojan?
Andrew says: should svchost.exe be using 21 megs of mem usage?
Jared says : no, it's infected
Andrew says: azureus said that somethings using port 6969
Andrew says: how can i fix it?
Andrew says: norton scan?
Andrew says: ?????
Andrew says: my system is just black now
Jared says : :P
Jared says : explorer is the windows shell
Jared says : duh
Andrew says: so i have a trojan in my windows?
Jared says : lmao
Andrew says: dir
Andrew says: whats so funny?
Jared says : lmfao
Jared says : lol
Andrew says: did you infect me?
Andrew says: you just keep laughing
Andrew says: its stupid


Proud Frenchman
That wasn't very fair :p Did you forget the noob that you certainly once was ? :whistling


I would have done the same :happy:


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refraction that's when it ceases to be fun and becomes malicious :p

nothing wrong with the occasional joke, but just don't take it too far


evil *******
refraction: unfortunately, at the time, he had my dc in his posession.. otherwise, as DuDe said, I'm a bitch:p


Man on a mission
Windmaster said:
It's still a pretty good prank to pull, lol.

DuDe, maccabi tel aviv suck, go maccabi haifa!

Umm actually Wind. Maccabi Melbourne East are the best!!