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No Jabo D3D in TR64 WIP5.5


Even though I have Jabo's D3D dll in the plugin folder and TR64 WIP5.5 recognises all the other plugins, Jabo's D3D doesn't show up in the selector window. Fiddling with the registry trying to manually select the plugin didn't work either. I sort of remember the plugin working in an earlier version of TR64.


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You are probably trying to use Jabo's D3D v1.3. this is only compatible with emu's that support the 1.3 GFX spec such as PJ64 1.3, Apollo 3, 1964 and Blade64. Use Jabo's D3D that comes with PJ64 v1.2 this should work. TR64 WIP 5.5 only supports the 1.2 GFX Spec. The new version should support the 1.3 Spec.