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No$GBA Compatibility results.


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Post them here, with the same guidelines as the other ones.


EDIT: i removed the screenshots because they were giving out an error after the deletion of the post, if you guys want to send me them over PM, i´ll put them up again. :)
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0340 - Super Princess Peach (U) data error (desmume works when you press A to get out of the data error screen, nogba doesn't work)

Who say that ? It does work in no$gba but ingame has gfx errors on the top of the screen.

Kirby: Canvas Curse (U) - medium-fast, no graphics errors as far as I can see, but again the touchscreen iplementation is very rigid, in order to draw lines (rainbows by the looks of them) you need to move the mouse VERY slowly and that doesn't always work.

Who say that ? draw lines is not that slow..I did play it and I can move the mouse like a normal. It is between 80% to 100% speed. :) It is FULLY PLAYABLE!
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with renewed power, my new list (no screenshots for now though)
0023 - Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith (E)
little bit glitchy (flashing of small parts of the screen) after the menu's serious gfx error's, so bad even that it is unplayable

0026 - Pokemon Dash (U)
GFX problems, cant see the road where ur supposed to run on, but ya can see pikachu, playable if ya really try

0045 - The Urbz - Sims In The City (U)
Doesnt load

0052 - Another Code - Two Memories (E)
minor graphical error's, chrashes after introduction

0060 - Meteos (U)
Major graphical problems, so bad i cant see the difference between the tetric thingies, dont bother unless ya really want

0062 - Madagascar (U)
Black screen after lvl screen

0064 - Madden NFL 2005 (U)
no$gba fatal, rom image has chrashed after match selection

0079 - Bomberman (E)
some minor graphical glitches on touchscreen but playable

0080 - Nanostray (U)
Major grahpical glitches chrashes on first screen

0084 - Animaniacs - Lights, Camera, Action! (E)
Works, with very minor graphical glitches

0087 - Space Invaders Revolution (E)
infinitly loops (aint 100% sure about this, cant even find a start button or anything)

will post it here again this list:
0002 - Need For Speed - Underground 2 (U)
didnt even boot for me, so wont make a judgement about this.

0003 - Yoshi Touch & Go (U)
it works perfectly as far i can tell (graphical whise), just a little bit slow for me, and cant control mario on score mode, guessing a problem with the touch screen inside the game itself

0004 - Feel the Magic - XY-XX (U)
coulnt press anything in the menu (touch screen problem)

0005 - WarioWare Touched! (U)
invalid gfx command 00000003!

0006 - Polarium (U)
cant press the buttons on touch screen, graphical whise perfectly

0012 - Asphalt - Urban GT (U)
Black screen for me

0017 - Ridge Racer DS (U)
Loops infinite to couldnt create save game, and goes back to menu

0019 - Mr. Driller - Drill Spirits (U)
Freezes after menu

0022 - Super Mario 64 DS (E)
it sais touch to start (with sum graphical problems i think) but it wont let me press so unplayable

0029 - GoldenEye - Rogue Agent (U)
buttons press the other way around when ya get to the screen credits/play the game, note it does this with all screens here.

so if it shows here -
ya gotta press there -

and after it is done loading it gives invalid gfx command

0137 - Pokemon Torouze (J)
Some minor graph error's and unresponsive to touch screen input

will update later today, probably
is wrong, please delete it, had a bad bios


0003 - Yoshi Touch & Go (U) - PLAYABLE but a little bit slow. You will just need mouse to line the clouds to lead the baby mario to get the coins and avoid the danger! You also can use the clouds to block the enemies from hit the baby mario and lead to the safety! :) It will crash when you reach the goal with baby mario on yoshi's back.
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Didn't even know no$gba ran DS games, looks like compatability is pretty good

keep up the good work testing it :)


It is going to be great! Thanks for the positive feedback. We appreciate your support! :)

Snood 2: Snoods on Vacation - Fully playable!
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You are dug dug is fully playable?

I pass the first level then after some more text it went to a black screen and give a bunch of gfx errors.


I am very sorry. You are right about it. Thanks for pointing it out for me. :)

I was excited too quickly. Now I am being cautious right now. :)



I found out that Yoshi Touch and Go (U) is not fully playable. It will crashes after you finish leading baby mario with yoshi in the back to the goal. :)


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Hey all,

I just wanted to add 098 - SD Gundam G Generation DS for me was playable up to like the 5th line of text which it then froze..maybe because I don't have a firmware.bin file?

Hope this helps,



touchscreen unresponsive.

diabloturkey said:
Hey all,

I just wanted to add 098 - SD Gundam G Generation DS for me was playable up to like the 5th line of text which it then froze..maybe because I don't have a firmware.bin file?

Hope this helps,

No, nothing is wrong with you. It is just this emulator's lacking of improvement and it will in the near future. We appreciate your test and your help for us. Cheers! ;) I thought why not make a screenshots for you and here it is :D:

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yeah, Advance wars DS works. just wait a while at the black screens. it gets into game, but is very unstable, a lot of things crash the emulator. i was able to start a war room game but anything done in game seems to crash it :( i really hope it works soon, i used rein to copy my real advance wars save file to my computer but i cant get the save to recognize in no$gba :(


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Man, I was just about to post about Advance Wars as well, damn you! ;)

- Stays on black screen for a while, goes into intro after 1-2 minutes (70-80% speed on my system)
- Campaign mode: Crashes when pressing A at mission selection screen ("ROM image has crashed")
- War Room mode: Crashes at CO selection screen ("ROM image has crashed")



Well, good to know. Thanks for test it!

Since I do not liked that games and this game as well. Not my things, thought. :)

It is great that it is able to run...almost. :)


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I don't know if it's a totally reliable way to determine it but...

Well, when a game seems to hang on a black screen after booting it, try setting the "Emulation Speed / LCD Refresh" setting in No$gba's options to "Unlimited Mhz-Disaster, 10%". If the speed indicator in the emulator's title bar skyrockets to the likes of 400%, your game most likely crashed/hangs completly. On the other hand, if it stays at a relatively low level (80-150% or whatever) there's a chance that it hasn't crashed and will go further after a while - Advance Wars DS is an example where this works.