What's new

no$gba 3.05 released!


- wifiboot: allows to upload GBA/NDS/DSi files to 3DS (requires wifiboot v2.8)
  • nds/cart/debug: shows rom/nand command names in tty debug message log window
  • nds/cart/help: added nand Face Training undoc commands and reserved area
  • nds/cart/help: added undoc rom cartridge commands
  • nds/cart/help: added nand cartridge specs (thanks Arisotura)
  • 3ds/cart/help: added info on RC4 and SNOW 2.0 cartridge encryption
  • gba/help: notes on port 4000800h bit0/bit3 (thanks endrift/shinyquagsire23)
  • wifi/help: various atheros sdio wifi notes/details (thanks shinyquagsire23)
  • dsi/help: SIGSTATE detect delay and SDCLK auto pause (thanks profi200)
  • dsi/help: more TWLCFGn.dat entries (eula flag/ver, num titles)
  • 3ds/help: described touchscreen scaling for nds/dsi mode (see lgyfb chapter)
  • 3ds/help: more realistic info for HWCAL and config file contents
  • 3ds/help: more realistic info for MCU RTC real time clock
  • 3ds/help: marked some new3ds-only bits and registers (ie. non-old3ds)
  • 3ds/help: added symbolic names for PDC frame buffer setup registers
  • 3ds/help: lcd register specs (parallax, backlight, clock_dis, display_en)
  • 3ds/help: created nearly complete component list for old 3ds
  • 3ds/help: pinouts for 3ds connectors, 3ds testpoints, and some more 3ds chips
  • help engine: fixed .htm filenames for chapter names with square brackets
  • help engine: omits linebreaks after http hyperlinks in html PRE sections
  • vram viewer: supports negative mouse coords (for multiple monitors, thanx tim)
  • windows/gui: vkcode_to_doskeycode catches VK_ESCAPE when SHIFT/CAPS active