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nJoy v0.3: Multi-controller support.

Big Robot Bill

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what? the only thing that's a pain to get working without xinput is the rumble.

Big Robot Bill: did you also use windows update? iirc, it is usable when you plug it in, however there is also a driver that windows update installs too. probably wont change anything, but try nonetheless :p (i've never tried without doing both those steps). otherwise, yes...would seem to be a bug in the x360 pad plugin :/

Yeah, Windows update wanted to install the 360 drivers. I let it do that when I first plugged in my controller, so I've had it since the beginning of my posts.


Thanks very much, nJoy worked pretty well with two players when I tried it yesterday for the first time, and clearly a lot of work has been put into it.
I used a Rockman PSX/USB bridge with DualShock 2 and a Wiimote & nunchuk connected through bluetooth, and with a GlovePie script for PPJoy.

But I came across a couple of fatal problems when I tried to play SSBM:
1. With both controllers, after closing plugin configuration, A and B on the GC would automatically map to the same button on the pads, making you unable to press A (B took priority for some reason).
2. On the Wiimote pressing the B trigger would crash the game and give a rumble error (it was originally mapped to the B button on the GC controller).
On the DualShock 2, pressing L2 (mapped to the L trigger on the GC) would give the same results (crash and rumble error).

Also, any chance of dual button presses to trigger one button on the GC controller? I'd like to map the C button + Joystick on the nunchuk to the C-stick on the GC controller.
I realise this is quite difficult to do, but any chance of that happening (I'm not that bothered for now)?


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Falcon, Are you going to release the source for Njoy?

Just curious. I for one would be happy if you did :)


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One thing that's bugging me is you can't configure an axis' two directions independantly of eachother. This makes my c-stick's Y-axis inverted, which is quite annoying.


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keyboard/xbox360 plugin works with the keyboard though.

But seriously you need to buy a controller.
Yeah, what cereb said. You have a really nice one with rumble feature for only 15,- euro's :) (around 20 dollars I guess, correct me if im wrong)
no im a keyboard only player, i cant handle contollers, i hate them :(
by the way the biggest reason why i want to play smashbros melee on computer instead of console... i play smashbros on project64k online with keyboard aswell.
i also hope i can play melee online some day :( maybe with a kaillera plugin for dolphin or something


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Don't be scared, he fails. The best way to play a GameCube game is with a proper controller. Also, Kaillera is garbage. Dolphin would use something much more awesome.


Wow... You don't like joysticks? o_O Man, I'm scared.
Same, some people just don't make sense I guess.

Oh, and as for online, just go get Brawl. Why play Melee online when you can play Brawl online?