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nintendo rebolushon

soon well be games for the nintendo rebolushon look on games websits
when the nintendo rebolushon have games it will be ligal to ask roms?
if its true when it will be ligal?
and how you goin to make it ligal?
sorry if it spam but i waiting 2 years for a game to the gamecube:bouncy:
beacuse in my country they dont sell gamecube :bye3:
and not game for the game cube to :bye3:
so this is the only whey to get that game
beacuse i dont find in google any websits a game! not one game to gamecube
so i hope you dont mad if is a little spam
thank you:happy:


Emulator Developer
Not to mention this forum is for Dolwin related emulator threads; not Nintendo Rebolushon(sic). To clarify the topic, if the Revolution has the capability to download and play passed Nintendo games, I can guarantee you it will be a subscription service for you to play any game you'd like or pay per game. This only means you have the license to download those games on your Revolution and play them. This does NOT give you the right to download games off the internet. You do not have a license to copy those games nor do the people have a license to redistribute them. Nintendo does however, and if it's in a subscriber format, then good for them. This will be a top feature for me in the next console wars to be able to download and play older games. I would subscribe to something like this.

End of off topic. Any furthur discussion needs to go in another forum.