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Nintendo E3


Nice !

But the server seems to be unstable , sometimes the most images aren't shown , even the frame :down:


:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
Lots of kewl games there...
Metroid Prime 2... Paper Mario 2... awesomeness...
Couldn't see the new WW 2 or the new zelda for the gba, though, which is a shame.

BUT...we won't have to wait for too long... Paper mario 2 is released in october (10th month), just one month before Metroid Prime 2 (11th month, november). Must ... have ...
Especially metroid prime 2 ...


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I think they have changed the password now. Most of the info there is now in the public domain so I wouldn't be too phased by not seeing it.

Ultra late Edit: It's back working now. Odd, could have been server problems or something.
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pw worked fine ....... but i saw this images on games.terra.com.br....... in their E3 special coverage.... i posted some in NDS thread...

problably the problem is because no more than one person at same time with same password can enter in the site.......