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Nintendo DS rom trimmer


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I "ported" ndstrim v1.0 to be a Windows GUI program and made some optimizations to it as well. It should work with the same restrictions that ndstrim operates under - the size reported in the header must be accurate.

The original ndstrim uses a 4KB buffer, mine uses a 4MB buffer... much faster due to fewer disk read/write operations. The original source uses a rather obscure and slow way to calculate the size from the header information so I sped it up; even though it is very minor in terms of a performance gain, it increases readability a bit. Also, the original uses 186 bytes difference for a Wi-Fi game and in another thread the author said it should have been 136 bytes instead, so I used 136 bytes.

If anyone has the time and stuff needed (ahem, certain hardware stuff) to test it out would you please give it a go?

readme.txt said:
About (and Help)...

Win32 version of ndstrim.

Written (and optimized) by Seth.

To use:
Drag a file onto the dialog then choose if the game
is Wi-Fi enabled. If you are unsure, select this option.
Click go. Enjoy a (hopefully!) properly trimmed dump.

EDIT: Source is now included!
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i dloaded it but i gotta go to work, i do have the "hardware" i´ll test it and tell later.


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Nintendo DS carts have fixed memory chip sizes and the data for games do not always take up that much space. For example, the Zoo Keeper game is on an 8MB cart but is only 4.37MB or so in size. This file reads the header information to get the size and removes the "unwanted/unneeded" data, resulting in a smaller file size :)