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Anyone got one? Interested? Feel it's over-hyped? :p I picked one up today (2 left in stock?!) apparently it might not be the runaway success that they were hoping. Haven't gotten any games for it yet.


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I've got one, I think its a great little console, but the launch games pretty much stink. I think things over here in Scotland are different because I just walked into the Asda (basically our wal*mart) and bought one on launch date, the woman at the checkout even phoned someone up to ask how to sell the first 3DS. And I didn't go there early, the shop was open 24 hours and it was already on sale for over 10 hours at this point.

I just thought that was funny after I read all week before hand that the thing was going to be sold out everywhere, clearly hype, at least for the UK.

I don't regret buying it though, just wish it had better games.

The 3D effect is quite impressive, I got Super Street Fighter 4, Nintendogs+Cats Golden Retriever edition, Pilotwings Resort and Rayman 3d.

Mini review of each:

Super Street Fighter 4 - Very good version of it, the 3d makes the characters really stand out from the background at least, the major disappointment for me was the static backgrounds, they don't move, the African safari level for instance has a hippo with its mouth wide open, really obvious, they should've removed all the people and animals from the scenes, they feel like they are fighting in a time freeze. Asides from that very impressive graphically.

Nintendogs+Cats Golden Retriever edition - A great little game, maybe I just like dogs but this is a major improvement over the first DS one, dogs are much more realistic - they got rid of the pain in the ass walking where you had to chart your way, some say this is a negative but I prefer the simpler approach, the graphics are great, the dog looks and sounds better and the 3d really adds to it.

Pilotwings Resort- The 3d is the worst here, because I can't look at this game for more than 10 seconds without getting lost, it really causes a headache, I have to have the 3D down at a much lower setting than other games to tolerate it, I don't think the 3d is done very well is what i'm saying, makes me feel a little ill to look at it, its fun if you can get over that point, other people have complained about this too so I know its not me.

Rayman 3d - unless you've never played one of the million ports of Rayman 2 - don't bother with this, its just Rayman 2 again, the 3d adds a little bit to it but the music abruptly stops, the framerate drops, its just not that great.

Most looking forward to Zelda Ocarnia of time 3d, star fox 3d and paper mario 3d, hopefully some games that aren't remakes will come out soon that are good too, haha.


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I'm holding out until Zelda:OoT comes out for it before I buy one, but they've got a guaranteed sale from me when that happens. :p


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pre ordered one with SSF43D, it will be a while till it gets to Brazil though, i was considering Samurai Warriors but no true review has been up yet.


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I bought one because it was in stock and I had (or think I had :p) spare cash for it. Went by the store again today and the other one (I got the black, the aqua blue was the other) is still sitting there hehe. None of the games looked terribly interesting at launch, though I considered getting SSF4 or Pilotwings - thanks to your review, glad I didn't get the Pilotwings, may still get SSF4 though I just got it for my phone when it was on sale recently ($0.99 iPhone vs $39.95 3ds) so I may skip it. Am looking forward to some new non-port / remake titles :)


I have one. Amazed by it still. Pilotwings is good for 5 minutes, but gets dull quite quickly. Got SSFIV yesterday and my God that game is impressive. Easily the most polished handheld game I've ever played and looks awesome in 3D.

How many StreetPass hits have you guys got so far?


So, thoughts on the 3DS...
Well what springs to mind most commonly is reading a lot of these reports of headaches and the sudden attack of negativity toward it from the gaming media... and I can't help but think they must be playing a different system to many of us.

I spent a good four or five hours straight on launch day just playing around with the AR cards... 3D slider up FULL the entire time for the record... and then of course there's the immensely satisfying and addictive Face Raiders which just gets more and more fun with a few google image searches. There's always at least one new "celebrity" you can find who you can enjoy shooting in the face. ;)

And then I stopped for a little while, sat down to read some Apollo/NASA article... and had the strange experience of the black text on white backing somewhat seeming to "float" in the monitor. And then nothing since. At all. I've heard a few people report this same phenomenon. Weird.

Nintendogs + Cats is much better structured than the original and once you stop trying to play it like you would a "traditional" game, just as charming too. Adorable enough that last night I spent about a good solid half hour just throwing the boomerang toy for my current virtuadog and watching it chase it around the room, fail or succeed in catching it, coming back when called... unique. Treat the game as you would a real pet, and it's equally as rewarding and amusing at times.

SSFIV3D-XCIIOMGBBQROFLCOPTERWTFLOL (Let's face it, no less absurd than the combinations that followed the original SFII....) is as Jaz said, probably the game to go for. And I say this as someone who barely played SFIV as more than a distraction and considers it vastly overrated. I never quite "got" the fascination. On 3DS however, it's a stunning technical achievement in both graphical and online terms if nothing else. The (few) times I ventured online and didn't encounter the sad, rather pointless individuals who spam special moves like fireballs endlessly - seriously, why are you even on here just to do that? - were highly enjoyable lagless fights matched fairly equally in skill level by the game. And although I still consider the games as a whole to be overrated, I do appreciate it and what it achieves here greatly.

And of course there's that certain all time best game ever coming that I imagine everyone knows I'll be waiting for... ;)

./wanders off back to #3dsdev


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Picked up ridge racer and ssfiv not too bad so far, though i do seem to get eyestrain and or a headache after some time playing. I too noticed the weird text floating sensation the other night.