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Nick_Kidid posts some crap.


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"XBOX Emulator
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Cxbx-0.5.2-xbox-emu-pc was released to me yesterday from my source, Download it here , since its a half finished version.. the full will be released in April by the author :).
What it does exactly is that it gets the .xbe and creates a .exe to run on x86 cpu's :]. So far, it ran Halo at 8.9fps on my 533mhz Celeron with TNT2 Pro, so I think a 3.0ghz will be needed for some nice emulation. The emu is in early stages of playing commercial games, so wait till April for the full version release ;)"

What a tard. >_< This makes EP less reliable.


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not really. if anything it should be in an XBOX forum. but this forum seems the closest to being for XBOX related posts.


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My cheese emulator is half complete, but i need to build a smell and taste output for it to work properly, when its done, you'll get 100% swiss cheese smell and taste. ;)


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Forgive me, but what is "EP"?

Martin, EP is Emuparadise (quite a lame site at times). I abbrieviated the name as did he because they do carry rom links and a rom request board.

EP has a habit of posting nonsense, once in the past it was championing an N64 Emulator by the name of Gremlin64 which was nothing more than a rip off of the TRwin source that made Blade64 seem advanced. They were falling over themselves to host it which was pretty funny :)


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Ah thanks. :)

Our "PM" system ownz :D

EmuParadise, I know that site. MasJ who's running it used to be a dedicated Emu64 staff member before he joined the dark ROM side :/



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/me looks @ (*_*)MARK Av Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww :plain:

& lmao @ disruption in the Emu64 Force :p

"the Dark Side" :happy:


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CXBX may be more advanced that announced (I assume that Caustik, at some point, fears M$'s reactions).

The problem is that few people can tell if Nick_kidid0 lies, due to the lack of documentation. In order to launch an XBOX game on a PC, I assume that you would have to rip all the data from the disk and copy them on a Windows readable support.

Then convert the xbe, then run it inside an OS "wrapper".

Nick_kidid0 is a member here, I'd be happy to read his explainations about this :)